The Whisper, a 2940nm laser, can offer unparalleled results with minimal downtime, AND without the repeated sessions of a Fraxel laser. For fine to medium depth wrinkles, this gentle yet penetrating laser can be layered to achieve unbelievable results. In skilled hands, this laser can erase years of damage, and leave your
skin vibrant and renewed. For the first time, the delicate skin on the neck and back and hands can be safely and effectively resurfaced. The Whisper can also be used for a well-blended result around the eyes and upper lip without the telltale line of demarcation noticed with the use of the other resurfacing modalities.

Safe for even darker skin types, the results Suncoast Skin has seen with this new laser are astounding. Patients are even requesting it by name, so the secret is out: The Whisper works wonders on aging skin.

Erbium lasers have been used for years, but newer technologies and advances have yielded a vastly superior product whose energy and affinity for the water in the skin causes a superficial zone of destruction that achieves results, but heals amazingly quickly. Clinical improvement of severe rhytides treated with a modulated Er:YAG laser can be impressive. Erbium laser systems, such as the Whisper, can greatly improve atrophic scars caused by acne, trauma, or surgery. In a series of 78 patients, Weinstein reported 70-90% improvement of acne scarring in the majority of patients treated with a modulated Er:YAG laser. Pitted acne scars may require ancillary procedures, such as subscision or punch excision, for optimal results. These procedures can be performed either prior to or concomitant with Er:YAG laser resurfacing.

A variety of benign epidermal and dermal conditions respond favorably to Er:YAG laser resurfacing, including sebaceous hyperplasia, eruptive hair cysts, adenoma sebaceum, angiofibroma, hidradenoma, xanthelasma, and syringomas. Laser surgeons such as Dr. Ewanowski can combine Er:YAG lasers and carbon dioxide lasers to take advantage of the unique properties of each laser. The addition of Er:YAG laser following carbon dioxide laser resurfacing may decrease the duration of postoperative crusting and edema presumably by reducing the amount of thermal necrosis induced by the carbon dioxide laser. Suncoast Skin has both of these modalities available, and we can combine them for added effect.

Patients are so thrilled with how young and attractive they look that their friends and family members are requesting Whisper ™ treatment by name, especially when compared to other treatments that are associated with far more significant side effects. To schedule a consultation, contact us. Suncoast Skin Solutions will be offering special rates to celebrate our grand openings. If you are searching for options that treat the whole skin unit, deep and superficial, please consult us.