Fractionated CO2

Fractionated CO2

Better than the Competition

Named the #1 Antiaging Breakthrough
according to WebMD

Here are the facts, and what it can do for you and your skin:

  • Outperforms any non-CO2 based laser and device, such as Fraxel and Pearl.
  • Powerfully reverses 5-10 years of skin aging, wrinkles, and sun spots.
  • Dramatically reduces old acne and trauma related scarring.
  • Significantly minimizes risk of future development of skin cancers.
  • Effectively decreases dyschromia such as freckles and melasma.

Suncoast Lasers is enthusiastic that we offer THE new gold standard in skin resurfacing that is safe for most skin types, while at the same time, delivering dramatic ablative clinical results with minimal discomfort.

FRACTIONAL technology delivers the CO2 laser energy in a pixel like fashion where microscopic holes fractions of a millimeter are punched into the skin right next to each other via computer-generated pattern. This fractionated CO2 laser technology delivers microscopic columns of 10600nm CO2 laser energy across the skin barrier, penetrating 20% of skin surface area right next to each other. The other 80% of non-ablated
skin surface areas facilitate faster healing. Fraxel, Pixel, and Pearl lasers have the right idea of fractionated laser delivery but with the wrong wavelengths thus requiring 5 treatments and inferior clinical outcome compared with ONE treatment of fractional
CO2 laser technology.

Our fractionated CO2 outperforms any non-CO2 based laser and device for skin rejuvenation, while offering a relatively short downtime, typically 5-7 days. There is minimal discomfort, and only topical anesthetics are needed for most individuals;
mild sedation for additional comfort available for patients with transportation.

This is a procedure that may pay for itself with a decreased need of fillers like Restylane and Botox for wrinkles and age lines. Also, what you see initially, may not be what you end up with. Many patient’s appearance continues to improve with stimulation of collagen production up to 6 months after the laser procedure Another plus: These laser treatments are safe and effective for virtually all skin surface areas including face, neck,
chest, back, arms and hands.

Contact us at Suncoast Lasers for a consultation, and see what a difference the right choice can make!